We believe in a strong and capable North American workforce and supply chain. We always strive for North American content as much as possible. Our products are proudly made in Canada, and outside sources are from Canada and the United States of America.

The model railway end of things is a subsidiary of a larger organization that specializes in casting of decorative, functional and non structural parts, for various industries in an "on demand" environment. All fabrication, assembly, and day to day business is located in the Guelph area, with accounting and processing handled outside the operation.

Our goal is provide accurate and affordable models to our customers through their local hobby dealers. The primary focus of the model Railway equipment end is easy to assemble and highly detailed kits. Customers can save money by enjoying our kits and enjoy the satisfaction of building it themselves. Having a background in custom build/paint we always admire the works of model railroaders, and those who skills progress throughout different stages of the hobby. Building your own models is both challenging and fun, and with the rising cost of hobby products you also save money.

From time to time we do offere limited run item in RTR format. These products appear in our listings but are not always available, and when they do become available, it is only after the initial rush of kits is supplied to stores.
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